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Oil Painting
George Foukis
Peristeri - Athens

Giorgos Foukis, based in Peristeri, has for many years developed an extremely successful course in the field of oil painting and decoration of both internal and external private and professional spaces, undertaking works throughout the prefecture of Attica.
His experience over the years, his constant updating in every new perspective regarding the philosophy of stylistics, the high quality, the durability and the durability of the materials in each application and the necessary know-how available guarantee the best result.
Consistency in delivery time, competitive prices, quality of work, proposed smart and functional solutions for each space, offer customers a construction that fully meets their needs.
 Oil Painting
 Roof Insulations

 Using time-consuming design materials, colors and acrylics, we change the look of your space.

Thali 16, Peristeri 12135 / Athens
Phone: +30 6948208708